What Makes Retargeting Effective?

What Makes Retargeting Effective?

by Austin Dicharry

Retargeting, or remarketing helps keep your brand actively engaged by capturing the data from previous site visitors to create personalized, targeted display ads. This helps companies leverage their exposure and reach to a specific target market.

How does this work?

Retargeting is a powerful branding tool for developing top-of-mind awareness and acquiring conversion as part of your digital marketing strategy. This is attained by remembering your site visitors and discreetly following them as they surf the internet. This technique is effective because it helps the company focus ad dollars on current customers and people who have shown interest in what they have to offer, creating a higher return on investment in digital spending.

There are a number of retargeting strategies that are useful depending on the marketer’s goals. Here are a few effective retargeting methods and the differences in each:

Site retargeting

This is the most widely used form of retargeting, using code on your website to follow your site visitors and display targeted ads that should peak their interest.

Search retargeting

Search retargeting works with search engines to identify those people who have shown an interest and searched for terms related to your products.

Social retargeting

Not as widely used by marketing professionals, this method looks at what people read and share. It is very useful in determining the types of advertising that can be used among their social circles.

Email retargeting

Email marketing continues to play a role on the business side of advertising and communication. With email retargeting, subscriber data can be tailored to include or exclude segmented business professionals that show an interest in the company.

SEO retargeting

SEO is used to get people to your site, and SEO retargeting is used to provide accurate data on why particular customers visit your site.

Engagement retargeting

Customer engagement is key in keeping your current and future customers interested in what you have to stay. This form of retargeting helps you develop engaging content for people searching the web or previous visitors to your site that will increase their activity and increase the return on your investment.

There are a number of reasons why retargeting methods are effective:

  • Live data

Retargeting is designed to capture real-time data. This helps in targeting customers with ads that are created to capitalize on their interests and behavior as it occurs.

  • Focused targeting

Retargeting allows companies and advertisers to have personalized ads that are specifically designed to pull the customer in with succinct messages just for them at specific times and sites that will peak their interest. Advertisements are only directed to those consumers that have shown an interest based on their previous visit to the main site.

  • Personalization

Retargeting allows personalized messages to be developed that directly communicate with the target. It is important to capitalize on the power of enhanced messages to attract and keep this audience.

  • Better results

By using real-time data, retargeting becomes cost-efficient. Campaign ads are targeted, which reach the intended market instead of oversaturation and added expense.

Using a number of retargeting methods will prove effective in designing advertisements that will increase the level of exposure and access to people interested in your products. When used wisely, retargeting positively enhances ROI.

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