Why creative is vital in programmatic

Why creative is vital in programmatic

By: Austin Dicharry

As the advertising and digital industries know very well, programmatic buying is well on its way to being one of the leading methods advertisements are bought and sold. With this knowledge comes the misconception that lengthy algorithms and machines will be replacing the human elements of advertising operations.

Humans will still need to be very much involved in these programmatic campaigns in order to ensure success and sustainability. Although programmatic technology has allowed for many of the monotonous processes to become automated, the need for creative intellect and decisiveness is still needed to optimize a campaign’s performance.

To understand why creative is still vital to programmatic advertising, let’s break down the programmatic creative process in further detail.

  1. A designer is responsible for creating the advertisements that are displayed to customers as they visit various websites.
  2. As advertisements becomes available on a website the DSP evaluates whether or not they want to bid on the spots based on dimensions and customer behavior.
  3. Programmatic creative uses an algorithm to create advertisements based off different design elements (e.g., images, text and color).
  4. Designers can use the suggested elements or replace them with alternates that are better tailored to the customer.

Even though a machine is responsible for placing the advertisements, a human still has the responsibility of creating appealing advertisements that are aimed at accomplishing a company’s marketing efforts.

The programmatic creative will become more decisive as more and more user inputs are made to its suggestions. Over time, this will produce targeted advertisements that are delivered quickly and effectively. However, one must understand that even though all facets of the programmatic process can be carried out perfectly, the message displayed to the customer still has the most profound effect on their actions.

At the core of advertising there lies a fundamental need to create some type of message that resonates with a consumer and produces action. As mentioned before, programmatic advertising has been instrumental in quickening the pace of online ad creation, but the power of the message still lies in the hands of the designer.

The overall message here is to utilize programmatic, yes, of course. But companies need to realize that at its core programmatic is an instrument that optimizes advertising. It is merely a tool we use to enhance our current capabilities and behind every tool is a hand that guides it.

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