How To Make Inventory More Profitable

How To Make Inventory More Profitable

By: Cortland J. Fondon

As a publisher, advertising inventory is of the utmost importance. With the right strategies, your inventory can become part of an international, multidimensional and buyer-seller ecosystem. To get the most out of your advertisements, it is essential to implement ad operations, yield management, mobile advertising and real time bidding.

Ad Operations

Ad operations are the fuel behind getting the most out of an advertisement inventory. Ad operations should be tracked and improved on a daily basis for top performance and increased revenue. Without this, a lot of profit can go to waste. There are many programs developed for managing programmatic advertising and automated advertising to help publishers get the most revenue from ad space. These programs include Google’s Adsense, Google Ad Exchange and Google Analytics. All of these programs have been designed to gather and store valuable data from client specifics, ad exchange platforms, traffic and updates from real-time bidding. This data provides critical information about the best performing programmatic advertising choices. It tells you how to locate them and who’s looking at them. If the preferred audience isn’t watching, retargeting may be necessary. A large part of the money made by yield management depends on ad operations. Just keep in mind that ad operations is the first step and yield management is the second step when it comes to making advertising inventory more profitable.

Yield Management

Yield management give you the opportunity to maximize the value of every impression and take control of advertisement size, audience retargeting options, banner placement and brand protection. In order for yield management to increase revenue, it is vital that the right campaign, such as CPS, CPC or CPM, is placed in the right spot. With the right placement, the ad will have a higher click rate and maximize revenue for both the publisher and programmatic advertising company. The content of the ad should be targeted to the intended demographic group. To increase the inventory’s value, multiple advertising networks should be connected to ad exchanges on mobile sites as well as desktop sites.

Mobile Advertising

With the mobile advertising market booming, adding automated advertising on smartphones can result in a huge boost to advertising inventory. According to Inmobi, smartphone users spend 108 minutes daily on mobile devices while computer users spend 93 minutes daily on a desktop. Not only can publisher sites be optimized for mobile advertising, but media buyers can now display their ads on mobile and desktop alike. By 2012, there were over 2 billion mobile web users. As a matter of fact, it’s projected that 50 percent of web traffic will be mobile by the end of 2014. Mobile advertising is a platform not to be ignored for optimizing advertising inventory revenue.

Real Time Bidding

Real time bidding is the latest programmatic method of selling and buying online inventory. It’s an innovative approach to ad exchanges. Real time bidding can be extended to premium guaranteed inventory. This results in maximum monetization value and higher overall revenue for publishers along with a better user experience and better ads. The facts are in on real time bidding, and this method should not be left behind. It increases the value of ad impressions and develops transparency for the user in real time. Media buyers are seeing over 130 percent improvement on click-through rates and 150 percent increase in conversion rates with real time bidding. These numbers are significant.


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