PAO’s Top Ad Exchanges

PAO’s Top Ad Exchanges

By: Austin Dicharry

Ad exchanges have long been a strategy of choice for many marketers. They allow advertisers to buy and sell online ads through many different networks. Often these exchanges operate as real time auctions where participants bid for ad space. Among the many benefits of this type of advertising are the opportunity for an advertiser to target and reach the best and most accurate audience as well as it allows publishers to get top dollar for their space. In the long run, though, ad exchanges are very cost effective because it is a direct buy – the middle man cost is eliminated.

There are a lot of ad exchanges out there and each one claims to be “the best.” It can be confusing to try to sift through the information and find the truth so all the hard work has been done here for you. Here are the top ad exchanges. Some offer programmatic advertising, others automated advertising, and others offer retargeting technology, but ultimately the “right” ad exchange depends on what the buyer or seller needs. Look through this list and find the ones that will work best for you.

OpenX – This platform is one of the largest ad exchanges in the world with upwards of 100 billion monthly ad impressions from its more than 800 plus publishers. It is estimated that approximately 96 percent of leading advertisers purchase their ads through OpenX. It is a one of the best known and most used ad exchanges with a massive reach to target audiences.

Marketplace by Adtech – As part of the AOL network, this platform is a highly efficient marketplace for digital advertising. By using AOL and its networks as its foundation, some of the top media brands and marketers are given access to consumers via a wide variety of mediums including mobile, connected TV, desktop, and tablet. Buyers have options for programmatic advertising and campaigns based on performance.

ClearPier – This Canadian company has partners and clients in more than twenty countries including the United States, Australia, and Europe. It claims to have the farthest reaching public trading desk in the industry and the best service and support in a marketplace. With the many, varied services it offers buyers and sellers, it is easy to see why ClearPier is one of the highest ranking ad exchanges.

Microsoft Media Network – This premium display network by Microsoft has a platform that is built on interconnectivity to premium and high quality sites. It leverages exceptional data sources like Bing, MSN, and Microsoft accounts to provide buyers with an audience reach that is better controlled and more effective than many other exchanges.

AppNexus – This marketplace allows for a lot of user flexibility with immediate access to a huge collection of demand partners. Sellers choose their transparency level based on the buyer. Users have complete control over their sites’ visibility, what information various individuals or groups are allowed to view, and inventory information.

Yahoo Ad Exchange – Formerly RightMedia, this platform offers users that incredible audience reach that is Yahoo. There are a number of ad solutions including audience management and integration with mobile technology. It also offers custom reporting so that users can stay on top of performance, yield, and scale of their campaigns. Yahoo Ad Network also has a strong presence in video advertising.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange – This mega ad exchange site is owned by Google. It boasts that largest collection of advertisers with the highest pay on CPMs. With so many publishers of every possible size and reach give buyers a real boost. The targeting tools are top notch to ensure that the right audience sees each ad at the optimal times.


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