Empower your retargeting strategy to maximize conversions

Empower your retargeting strategy to maximize conversions

By: Austin Dicharry

If you want retargeting to have a positive effect on conversions, you’ll need an effective retargeting strategy. The process begins when someone visits your site and a cookie is set on their browser recording the visit. Advertisers set up a campaign to buy ad impressions whenever your cookie is seen. Ad impressions are recorded each time an ad appears on your website. There are different formats for vertical banners, formats for displaying standard texts, high impact visual formats and many others.

Because of an increase in ad exchange, the popularity of retargeting techniques has improved. The chief drawback of retargeting is that the upper bound for retargeted users is the number of visitors who frequent your site. New visitors aren’t created for you — at least not directly, though there is certainly a better chance of increased conversions spread by word of mouth.

Leading retargeting strategies

It’s easy to waste retargeting dollars on ineffectual advertising including, conversions that would have happened anyway. What’s worse is to bombard visitors with advertising to the point of annoyance. Choosing the right message, the right time and the right Add network such as Google’s Doubleclick, Yahoo!’s Right Media, Microsoft’s AdECN, and Fox’s Audience Network can bring the right result.

Marketing experiments can help identify when retargeting is creating new conversions or accelerating conversions you’d have gotten anyway. Part of the ad message should include something new, useful and interesting. Offering messages that create a subliminal spark connecting your brand with potential customers is advisable. Just repeating previous messages is a waste of time and resources.

How view-through conversions help

When people drive by a billboard, they have a brief instant to read a message. Billboard ads are effective. Billboards can drive purchase decisions without any clicking involved. Your view-through window is like your drive window for roadside billboards. View-through conversions resulting from retargeting can be tracked. Different windows can be established. 24 hour windows track conversions that occur with 24 hours of a retargeting ad. A 30 day window tracks 30 day conversions.

You can test out the effectiveness of your retargeting ad to verify that a billboard retargeting campaign is effective. Selecting a 24 hour view through window will show you conversions most likely to be effected by your ad.

How to optimize your conversion funnel

Start with two different ad creative iterations and simple landing pages that reiterate your ads’ messaging. Create a new optimized iteration with the most effective message and continue testing until you’ve reached your metric goals. Iterate on the following process for continuing improvement.

  • Target a high-quality audience. Segment pixel placement can make or break the performance of your ad campaign. Placing your segment pixel on your homepage and landing pages is common practice. This helps to make certain that you only retarget visitors who have some familiarity with your brand. When you’re driving large amounts of low quality traffic to your website, your retargeting may be less effective. A remedy is to place your retargeting pixel on all pages, except the site entry points, to ensure your emphasis is on pages such as pricing, products and checkout. This helps focus retargeting on the optimal conversion audience.
  • Segment Your Active Audience. It’s the best way to achieve the most from retargeting. When your goal is to achieve activation from new customers, placing your burn pixel on your Thank You page can prevent you from retargeting users who’ve already converted. Ideally this will create more resell, upsell, and engagement opportunities for your users.

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