Data-Onboarding and Programmatic Advertising

Data-Onboarding and Programmatic Advertising

By: Cortland J. Fondon

Data-onboarding and programmatic advertising are a part of the new automated advertising age. Data-onboarding is all about matching online and offline metrics to better understand customers and their needs. Marketers can onboard CRM data in digital programmatic advertising channels for a specific campaign.

How Data-Onboarding Works

Also known as database management companies, onboarders work with a brand to identify online CRM and build a catalogue of data. Most brands have a rich CRM data base with data, such as contact information and purchase history. That data is a core tool for marketing campaigns. For example, when a customer purchases at a store like Walmart, they may be encouraged to register for a loyalty program. Every time a loyalty program member buys a product, the purchase is logged into the company’s CRM system. This data can be analyzed to determine what types of offers customers find appealing and what media to use for communication with the customers.

Integrating the CRM data to advertise across programmatic advertising channels is critical for marketers who want to reach their target audience consistently over time. Customers give the onboarding company their customer data tied to postal addresses and emails. The onboarding company is typically in partnership with several hundred websites where users log on. The CRM data is tied to the user’s browser. Whenever a customer from the CRM file is recognized, a match occurs, and a relevant ad is displayed.

By partnering with data onboarders, retailers and other small businesses can target high-value customers with relevant offers. Data-onboarding is also an effective way to cross sell and up sell. For example, if a customer has a 401K account with a bank, that bank can advertise its other services via online display ads.

Choosing an Onboarding Partner

There are several areas to consider when choosing an onboarding partner, including scale, accuracy, security, expertise, interoperability and speed. It’s best to choose a partner who has a large scale of existing match networks for automated advertising. With top onboarding companies, customers can match up to 40 percent of its CRM to cookies. Companies that do a one-to-one exact user match are ideal for accuracy. Choosing a data onboarder that major brands trust helps to handle data securely and adhere to privacy standards. Onboarding partners should have CRM expertise in order to execute sophisticated campaigns and retargeting across programmatic advertising channels.

For the best results, a data onboarding company should be integrated into the major ad networks, data management platforms, demand side platforms and online measurement tools. When a cookie match occurs, marketers can then use the CRM data with any automatic advertising marketing platform. This allows for deep server-to-server integrations. The best onboarding companies also offer speed and are able to update date within hours. Marketers should be able to seamlessly and continually update their online audience as new data is added.


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