What you need to know about IAB Quality Assurance

What you need to know about IAB Quality Assurance

By: Cortland J. Fondon

The IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines is focused on establishing trust across the digital marketplace in programmatic and automated advertising. It’s a program to ensure brand safety through self-regulation. This program benefits both buyers and sellers of programmatic advertising. In an ever-changing digital advertising ecosystem, the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines establishes a framework for brand safety. Without this framework for common ground, sellers of automated advertising and retargeting platforms can have a hard time proving their integrity, and buyers are uncertain about which sellers to trust.

This program has been revamped to include all seller and buyers of advertising, including demand side platforms, supply side platforms, ad exchanges, marketers and trading desks. It has also been updated to reflect mobile and video advertising. Third-party validations of a business’s certification have also been introduced. Its main mission is to foster an environment of trust in the marketplace by providing clear language that enables buyers to make informed decisions across the advertising chain.

Benefits for Buyers of Programmatic Advertising

With the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines, buyers are given transparency and can buy automated advertising with confidence. It helps buyers know which sellers to trust. The IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines represents the buyer’s voice by defining terms for seller disclosure. The disclosure outline was created by both a group of sellers and buyers. This joint effort helps ensure fairness for advertising buyers.

Benefits for Sellers of Automated Advertising

The IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines increase trust across the whole digital advertising industry. It demonstrates transparency, quality and safety. In simple language, sellers can describe and classify advertising inventory. Companies who get certified by IAB can also set themselves ahead of the competition and from those who don’t engage in the industry’s best practices.

The Specific Guidelines

IAB prohibits the sale of inventory within categories of illegal content, including copyright infringement, online pirating, hacking, bombs, drugs and malware. To ensure certification, complaints can be made against certified companies. Parties who have made a purchase can make a complaint against the other party regarding non-compliance. The complaint is reviews by a formal board. Three unresolved complaints are grounds for having IAB certification removed. Rights holders may also file a complaint to the IAB in the case of intellectual property infringement with an ad.

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