Are Native Advertising and Programmatic a Good Fit?

Are Native Advertising and Programmatic a Good Fit?

By: Cortland J. Fondon

Native advertising works because it matches the form and function of a user’s overall internet experience. Native advertising provides users with a more organic, less-intrusive form of advertising with the goal being to increase the likelihood that visitors to a page will in fact click on the advertisements because of their more-natural appeal. In simple terms, native advertising should appear as a natural extension of a website rather than a blaring, gimmicky sales pitch.

Programmatic advertising is the automation of the process of buying and selling via mobile ads that allow real-time bidding. Programmatic is the power behind the current real-time approach to advertising. According to, programmatic reaches 700 million users a day from its first-party products.

Pairing programmatic advertising with native advertising allows the user to experience all the benefits of an organic experience while having access to real-time bidding and purchasing power. Programmatic native advertising ensures that each add placed on a particular site is the most relevant to a particular users experience.

Native advertising comes in three basic platforms: open, closed and hybrid. Each platform offers specific benefits depending on the particular monetization model being used. For example, content discovery widgets, such as Outbrain or Taboola are both open platforms that allow advertisers the ability to promote their products and services across multiple sites and platforms, while StackAdapt is a hybrid program that provides all the benefits of the open system while offering advertisers the privacy and ability to work with specific partners. Closed platforms allow advertisers and brand to create and promote content for specific users within a particular platform.

Advertisers wanting to move toward more “now moments” and offer products, services and bidding option in real time, while supporting the organic experiences of users have more options that ever before. Employing the principles and components of native advertising with the real-time capabilities of programmatic can increase site traffic and engage the user while maintaining the integrity of the overall experience. Combining native advertising with programmatic gives advertisers the chance to reach a wider audience and increase user engagement on their sites and with their products and services.


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