Why ad tags are the green light of programmatic advertising

Why ad tags are the green light of programmatic advertising

By: Austin Dicharry

Green Light: Not a Complex Concept, but Extremely Dynamic

The most basic description of an ad tag is, a piece of HTML code used to orient advertisements on a webpage. The concept is, in its entirely, no more complex than that. However, what page designers can do with ad tags is extremely dynamic. In other words, the importance of an ad tag is not in what it is, but what it does. The versatile nature of an ad tags is what makes one useful.

Ad tags are a fundamental component of programmatic advertising.

The Green Light of Programmatic Advertising

The end goal of all programmatic advertising is to generate a user created event. Almost always, the purpose of a user event is to encourage a user to make a financial action, to spend money. While not always the case, exceptions to that rule are not important.

What is important is the fact that ad tags are not only dynamic with respect to potential placement, but that the tools used within an ad tag are only static if by design and and the results are always measurable.

In other words, it is easy to determine if and how well the object within an ad tag is working.

Potential of the Ad Tag

Ad tags are far more than the just the code generated to properly placed ad on a page. While the code that places an ad in a certain area on a page — and the code developed to make certain different sized screens and different browsers do not distort or misplace the ad — is critical, a definition of how these obstacles are overcome does not explain the potential and importance of ad tags.

What ad tags can do is far more important than what they are.

How a Green Light — an Ad Tag — Functions is Less Important than the Purpose it Serves

Simply, an ad tag is putting the right ad for the right product in the right place on the right page.

That ad tag is a money generator, if money is the object of the ad — and it almost always is.

So, an appropriate analogy for an ad tag would be a green light. While the system that operates a green light is not important for the drivers on a road, the purpose it serves is exceptionally important.


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