Facebook and Atlas Ad Platform

Facebook and Atlas Ad Platform

By: Austin Dicharry

Facebook has recently announced the relaunch of the Atlas ad platform. According to Erik Johnson, head of Atlas, Atlas delivers people-based marketing. It’s a strategic move away from cookies and enabling cross-device programmatic advertising. The revamped Atlas ad platform solves the marketer’s dilemma of cross-device problems advertising and reaching people through targeting different devices. In addition, Atlas can now connect online marketing campaigns to offline sales. This update to Atlas is sure to have a real impact on automated advertising and enhance both audience reach and new sales.

The new ad platform has been rebuilt on a new code base. It’s designed for busy traffickers and media planners. With measurement and targeting capabilities built in, cross-device marketing is simplified. It’s ideal for those marketers who want to measure and evaluate media performance. This critical data is effective for ramping up better optimization decisions that positively affect media budgets.

The Atlas ad platform was formed to serve and measure ad campaigns, such as programmatic advertising and retargeting. It enables businesses to better understand the buying journey offline or on the desktop, tablet or mobile device. If a company runs ad campaigns through Atlas, Instagram and Facebook, the reporting displays the results from all three platforms. Advertisers can measure and verity ad impressions at all three.

Atlas has also buddied up with several companies that are Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers in rich media, social advertising and paid search. Companies include Kenshoo, Social.com, Jivox, Medialets and more. The Senior Vice-President of Kenshoo feels that combining their campaign automation, portfolio optimization and forecasting with Atlas delivers the industry’s most precise cross-channel optimization and reporting solution by relying on one source.

Specifically, the new Atlas monitors people’s online activity across every device that they use. With that data and Facebook’s knowledge of user preferences, gender and age, it’s a double whammy for advertisers to promote and sell their specific products.

In a nutshell, Atlas is simple yet powerful. It leverages the power of people to redefine automated advertising results and accuracy. It has the insight that no other platform can provide. This revolutionary platform now delivers real-world data to drive advertising impact in the current multi-device, online-offline world. Advertisers can see the direct relationship between in-store conversions and online campaigns with new clarity.


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