How is the IAB shaping the industry?

How is the IAB shaping the industry?

By: Cortland J. Fondon

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has emerged as a strong leader in changing the global perception of digital and programmatic advertising. With a large membership around the world, the IAB has provided a platform for establishing guidelines, best practices and models for companies to do business.

There are six objectives within the bureau:

  • To fight negative legislation and unfair regulations.
  • Combine measurement guidelines and creative standards.
  • Create commonalities with customers for reductions in supply chain costs.
  • Share industry-wide best practices.
  • Create research and thought leadership within the industry to position interactive marketing and programming as a mainstream medium.
  • Create a balance of power within other marketing, media, and agency trade groups.

With a focus on helping to bring transparency to the world of interactive and programmatic advertising, the bureau has provided resources and tools for members and industry professionals to focus on productive strategies for retargeting and other strategic initiatives.

Viewed as the go-to resource for interactive, the IAB has brought together companies and professionals to offer professional certification, public policy, workshops, classes and seminars. It has now emerged as a professional association rivaling other big industry resources.

One of their newest initiatives, the “Anti-Fraud Principles” helps promote accountability across industries. According to the IAB’s executive vice president, “Publishers, ad networks and exchanges have an obligation to detect fraudulent traffic and to not sell it. There may be some people that have a little more work to do than others, but overall our focus is on building the strongest most trustworthy industry we can.”

The IAB helps bring credibility to the importance of understanding the digital marketplace, reshaping though processes while providing industry knowledge for digital advertising professionals. The industry now looks to IAB for advice and trends to follow as a leader in measurement, gains, changes and ways to improve across platforms.

A key player in the programmatic industry, the IAB utilizes its members, council, working groups and committees to shape the interactive industry. The bureau is the driving force in helping set the standard on programmatic, advertising, mobile, and retargeting initiatives and growth now and in the near future.

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