Is Facebook Exchange Useful For B2B Companies?

Is Facebook Exchange Useful For B2B Companies?

By: Austin Dicharry


Facebook Exchange is currently being hailed as the ultimate social media solution for small to mid-size businesses. This real-time bidding application allows for the close tracking of Facebook users’ behavior, thus enabling better targeting of marketing content. Ideally, the result is a more engaged user base and improved conversions. However, while Facebook Exchange has proven incredibly effective in traditional B2C contexts, its impact on B2B interactions remains unclear. Proponents argue that Facebook Exchange can draw together complimentary organizations, thereby fostering mutually beneficial online relationships.

Facebook Exchange: The New LinkedIn?

Currently, LinkedIn is the primary social network for B2B interactions, with Twitter possibly coming in as a distant second. However, those in favor of Facebook Exchange predict an overtaking of the LinkedIn B2B monopoly in the near future. Because of its targeted data surrounding user habits, Facebook Exchange is capable of offering incredibly valuable leads. In addition to its user behavior tracking capabilities, Facebook Exchange allows for a more scalable approach, which is particularly beneficial for small businesses, as well as organizations expecting to enjoy significant growth in the near future.

Best Practices for Facebook Exchange

Although a useful addition to any online B2B marketing approach, Facebook Exchange should not be used on its own. Rather, Facebook recommends implementing this real-time bidding solution in conjunction with other programmatic advertising endeavors, such as the page post ads featured in users’ Facebook News Feeds. Likewise, it may be beneficial for organizations utilizing Facebook Exchange to maintain their presence on LinkedIn and other social networks. Although a viable source of competition, Facebook Exchange still has yet to overtake LinkedIn; thus, it is in the marketer’s best interest to continue pursuing B2B interactions on both sites.

Facebook Exchange is a promising retargeting option that allows for more relevant social media marketing. When paired with other social media strategies, it serves as a viable means of increasing productive B2B relationships. If you are interested in exploring alternative B2B marketing options, consider adding this automated advertising solution to your social media arsenal.

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