Forbes tweaks native ad program for greater scale

Forbes tweaks native ad program for greater scale

Publishers are pinning their hopes on native ads, but sooner or later, they’ll have to address the question of how they’re going to scale ads without diminishing the qualities that make them native in the first place.

Forbes is now making a major overhaul to its BrandVoice pages that directly addresses this question. Starting next week, Forbes will let brands republish content from elsewhere. In this way, advertisers won’t be tasked with constantly feeding the beast with fresh content. Forbes is itself actively working with advertisers now to identify content that they could port over.

“We were hearing their challenges, that they were going to the effort of creating all this content, and the pieces were getting published there, but then that was pretty much the extent of that,” said Mark Howard, chief revenue officer at Forbes. Read more…


Original Post: DIGIDAY October 8, 2014

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