Top 5 tools for analyzing digital campaigns

Top 5 tools for analyzing digital campaigns

By: Austin Dicharry

Our era is dominated by three things: social media, e-commerce and digital communications. Digital communications is assuming new dimensions for e-commerce. Let us review the top five most important tools for digital campaigns.


Veralheat is one of my favorite tools for analyzing digital campaigns. Through the Veralheat technology, anyone can now track all communications and conversions about their brand. Such information and data could be used to create brand awareness, geared towards marketing and sales. Veralheat can also be used in many ways to optimize, and manage digital campaigns, such work could be done from any location even when flying. It could be used to monitor brand conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google, Instagram and others.


Optimizely is another important tool for analyzing digital campaigns. It offers great technology used for passive reporting of the various aspects and activities going on your website. Through the use of Optimizely tools, a website owner or administrator can gauge the successes or failures of different campaigns through experimentation to determine what works and what doesn’t.


Inspectlet uses heat maps and other advanced technology in tracking form completion analytics, an important tool for today’s marketers in their efforts at gathering needed data. It’s significance and added importance is that it enables website owners and operators to gather critical information from activities of their website users once they begin surfing and using your site. It is a great tool for website operators to improve their websites’ digital capabilities.


Mixpanel is a critical tool for website campaign analytics. It provides website operators an important insight in monitoring and ultimately analyzing their websites’ activities, Furthermore it provides them added opportunities to evaluate and understand what activities or behaviors exhibited by their users facilitates and supports revenue growth. It has a messaging tool to enable website owners to develop their unique contact strategies, aimed at facilitating better understanding of their sites’ users.


Levers is a data analytical tool which can improve website operators’ ability to use Google Analytic’s data as a forecasting instrument. It has a critical ability to use extracted data from Google Analytics to formulate and project trends that may influence which patterns and occurring events within your site, have the tendency and inclination to influence future activities and usage of your website. This will ultimately help website operators discover most effective strategies of digital communications prior to purchasing such product.


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