Programmatic’s POEM: Paid, owned and earned media

Programmatic’s POEM: Paid, owned and earned media

The terms “paid, owned, and earned media” (POEM) have become the best way to describe the digital media space today. In fact, many argue this is the only way for thought leaders in programmatic to ultimately prioritize all the real-time media options that are currently available.

These three types of media work best together and not in media silos.  Paid media is moving more toward measuring engagement along with huge increases in programmatic spending. Owned media, thanks to many new channels available to brands, is seeing large investments in native and content marketing as brands become publishers.  Earned and word-of-mouth marketing (social) is exploding with hockey stick-like growth. 

For POEM to reach its full potential, these efforts need to be automated and evolved into programmatic brand advertising. Read More…


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