Programmatic: Ingredient in today’s marketing mix

Programmatic: Ingredient in today’s marketing mix

I’ve spent a long time buying and selling media on behalf of major brands, on both the account management and media vendor sides, and today I’m seeing marketers more and more overwhelmed by all their options. The advent and rapidly growing adoption of programmatic (where I’ve worked for the last four years) has added even more confusion. But there’s hope.

I’ve watched many a weary client and agency partner’s face light up when I say the following: “Marketing 101 still applies. Programmatic is just another tool, and it has a time and a place.”

It’s all about the fundamentals of marketing and the marketing mix. You have to start with the core recipe, or the business objective, and then have a solid strategy followed by smart tactics. Run TV, out-of-home, print, radio, door hangers — whatever makes strategic sense in order to meet the unique needs of your brand. Read more…


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