Why the industry needs transparency

Why the industry needs transparency

By: Cortland J. Fondon

Automated advertising, also commonly referred to as programmatic advertising, is a type of digital marketing practice that uses certain consumer actions as triggers for advertising campaigns. A very common type of programmatic campaign that many advertisers and retailers use has to do with product recommendation. When a user buys a specific product on a retailer”s website, an algorithm will use that information to serve up recommendations for related products that they are likely to need or want based on that original purchase. The idea is that because you already know that the user owns a particular item based on their purchase history, you are more likely to up-sell additional products as a result.

Programmatic advertising is a hugely invaluable tool in the world of digital marketing. It is also a prominent example of why the marketing industry as a whole needs an increased level of transparency in order to survive.

One of the biggest examples of why transparency is so important has to do with the ways in which the marketing “conversation” has changed in recent years. In decades past, the most successful methods of marketing essentially included blanket campaigns designed nbso online casino reviews to attract the widest possible audience. Television commercials are perhaps the most obvious example of this. These messages literally interrupt content at various points to present important information to potential consumers. By speaking your marketing message as loudly as possible, you could direct the conversation taking place in whatever direction you wanted it to go.

Social media and other technological advancements have caused the proverbial pendulum to swing hard in the opposite direction. Customers are now more empowered than ever and are no longer paying attention to the types of interruptive messages that worked so well in the past. If a full page advertisement appears over the content that a user was trying to access on a website, for example, they are no longer willing to sit through that message before continuing on with their previous activities. They are instead closing the window, navigating to another site and finding their information elsewhere.

Because of this, marketing and brand transparency has become of the utmost importance. Listening to what consumers have to say and serving up content based on those needs is the new business model of the day. Transparency is not only crucial for brand engagement, but it”s also of paramount importance to creating the type of brand love that organizations can survive on.

The “happy medium” between the old and new business models seems to be one of information transfer. Instead of using persuasive advertisements as a guide to direct their purchases, users are instead out for helpful information through any avenue that they can find. People don”t want to buy a particular brand of stereo because your ad told them it was the best one available. They want to do their own research to come to the conclusion that it”s the best stereo for their needs on their own. That concept is what transparency is all about. For those businesses that are capable and willing to move in that bold new direction, they will find great success in the years to come.


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