Top of Funnel Metrics

Top of Funnel Metrics

By: Cortland J. Fondon

The process that a customer goes through from the moment they identify a problem in their lives to the moment they buy a product that acts as the solution to that problem is called the sales funnel. When it comes to getting a solid understanding of how programmatic advertising campaigns are working, which areas of an automatic marketing campaign are performing to expectations and which ones could use a little extra love and care, top of funnel metrics are hugely invaluable. These metrics give you accurate and actionable information that you can use to make important decisions moving forward.

Brand Recall

Brand recall is the type of top funnel metric that is used simply to measure the total effectiveness of a branding display ad campaign. Some ad campaigns are designed to push a particular product on customers who are likely to use it. If you have a particular product aimed at men between the ages of 18 and 35, for example, the campaign might overview the benefits of that product as seen through the eyes of someone who falls within that age range.

In a branded campaign, though, the branding of the company who put out that product is just as important as the product itself. To find brand recall, companies can commission an online brand study to learn more information. That study would compare the increase in overall awareness that people have for your brand before the advertising campaign versus the total awareness of people who have not seen the campaign. The information that you’re left with will tell you how effective the campaign was at increasing brand awareness.

Branded Search

Branded search is another metric that is very similar to brand recall, at least conceptually. While any online advertising campaign is running, it stands to reason that the total number of web searches related to either the products the company sells or the company itself should increase. Branded search metrics are measured by taking information from search engines like Google, Bing and more and looking at the total numbers prior to the beginning of the campaign, the numbers during the campaign and the number after the campaign. In an ideal world, this is another one of those metrics that would also be steadily increasing as the campaign itself kicks into high gear.

Direct Site Traffic

Direct site traffic is a metric that is hugely valuable when it comes to monitoring the top of the sales funnel. Once a programmatic marketing campaign has begun in earnest, you should see an increase in visitors to your website for a number of reasons. Most commonly, they will have typed in your brand name in a search engine like Google and instead of going to any other type of page where your brand is mentioned, they went directly to your website instead. Direct site traffic is another great way to measure the overall effectiveness of the campaign, as you can also learn which channels are performing at or above expectations.


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