Best Practices for Your Call to Action

Best Practices for Your Call to Action

By: Austin Dicharry

Calls to action — which are also referred to as CTAs — are those brief messages designed to spur readers to act. The intended action can be any number of things, from downloading a free report to registering for a conference to buying a product. A few best practices that can make your Calls to Action more effective:

1. You Need to Have One

This part sounds obvious, but, you’d be surprised how many businesses never specifically ask visitors to complete specific actions on their pages. Having a clear call to action increases engagement and entices prospects to act.

2. Keep Your CTA brief.

A couple of words is best: “Download Now” or “Call Us!” At most, your CTA should be no more than five words. Any longer, and it loses its punch. If you are having trouble cutting it down from longer sentences, sit down and think about exactly what you want the reader to do. Cut down to just that action. All of the reasons why can go into your sell-text somewhere further up on the page.

3. Use Action Words.

After all, you want action out of your visitor. Action-oriented verbs like call, download, register or buy convey what you want the reader to do. Starting your call with these verbs adds excitement and urges the visitor to complete the process.

4. Make It Easy to Find.

Locate your CTA in a place that is intuitive so that readers do not have to search through a page. One at the top and one at the bottom is a good rule of thumb. Your landing pages should also have plenty of white space and as few words as possible to set a mood and convey the information. Potential customers will navigate away from pages that take too long to read or where the area to sign up or download is hard to find.

5. Make Your CTA Eye-Catching

Large text and high-impact colors draw the eye. Choose colors that contrast from your site’s theme without clashing with your overall design. You can also make your call to action more eye-catching by using buttons, banners or images.

Your efforts outside your page can get your readers there. A strong call to action can make the connection and lead to landing pages that convert.



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