How to incorporate programmatic into your paid, owned and earned strategy

How to incorporate programmatic into your paid, owned and earned strategy

By: Cortland J. Fondon

Before implementing programmatic into a converged media content strategy with paid, earned and owned media, it’s important to understand the meaning of each of these media. Paid media is traditional advertising that includes content syndication, sponsorships, banner ads and paid search marketing. Typically, it targets prospects with the goal of creating brand awareness or cultivating new customers. Owned media is the content that a brand has complete control over, such as email newsletters, corporate websites, communities and blogs. Owned media initiatives generally target the brand’s existing customers or community. Earned media is the natural result of public relations and ad campaigns within your owned media channels. It includes Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, photos and consumer social media posts.

While each of these channels play a critical role in marketing strategies and retargeting, the real power is integrating two or more of these channels into one initiative. The move to programmatic advertising on paid media is increasing at rapid speed, mostly in mobile and video media. Programmatic advertising is becoming the preferred method for all paid media buying. Since mobile and video platforms are driving the media marketplace, marketers would be well served to start running automated advertising on these platforms through paid ad exchanges.

To take advantage of owned media, companies should be using programmatic advertising on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channels and Instagram. These sites now offer programmatic and data capabilities as well as in-stream purchase abilities to capture holistic branded response campaigns. As a matter of fact, the biggest programmatic development has been Facebook’s relaunch of Atlas. This move toward a full-fledged programmatic media platform will even rival AOLs and Google’s programmatic efforts.

Earned media in social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter is all about word-of-mouth marketing. Facebook fans, Twitter follower and YouTube views all fall in this category. Social feedback really matters in the programmatic world. Marketers should marry in ad exchanges with custom branded content sold programmatically on these sites.

Today, the perfect premium programmatic world leverages the power of paid media, earned media and owned media. It’s marketing nirvana.


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