How the Healthcare Industry Can Use Programmatic

How the Healthcare Industry Can Use Programmatic

By: Austin Dicharry

Today, healthcare providers and healthcare product manufactures can take advantage of programmatic advertising to market its services and products, including pharmaceuticals. Most digital media services provide an omni-channel approach to procure automated advertising and retargeting. The healthcare sector can extend their reach of client campaigns to millions of the targeted individuals and deliver the right message at the right time.

It all starts with data, and all first, second and third party data from cookie tracking is used to target the audience. First party data captures basic consumer intent through the healthcare’s webpage visits. This data is then grouped into audience pools for second and third party data analysis. Combined with third party data and the advertising company’s own data, healthcare companies can discover prospective client’s favorite brands, sharing habits and even reactions to healthcare news.

Healthcare providers also get the expertise needed to procure media via real-time bidding. If a company is launching a new drug, the pre-campaign introduction with automated advertising can determine the audience’s likelihood of taking action. Predicting the success of a new drug is effective through programmatic advertising. As a matter of fact, there is no other current technology that allows medical advertisers to be more efficient with their digital ad buying.

With automated advertising, individuals are targeted by geographic, demographic, behavioral, psychographic and look-alike segments. The healthcare sector can develop a media strategy using video, mobile, display, social media platforms, search and various forms of retargeting. By reaching the right audience by where they live online through programmatic advertising, it’s an effective strategy. In addition, media placements are designed specifically for the healthcare’s goals and objectives.

As the healthcare’s audience behavior changes while a campaign is in motion, tactics can also be changed. Media optimization methodologies and creative messaging of programmatic advertising continuously evolve to ensure a campaign’s success. It’s known as compounding efficiency. Get more value out of every ad dollar spent.

Programmatic advertising has lagged in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, but it’s projected that these sectors are just starting to recognize its benefits. By 2018, it’s projected that the healthcare industry will spend $2.2 billion on digital media. Recent signals from Google and Apple indicate that many consumer platform companies are ready to test the waters. For example, Facebook in now creating online support communities that connect users with health interests. Facebook is an excellent social media platform for healthcare companies to take advantage automated advertising and retargeting.

New media products and offerings have now entered the programmatic space for the healthcare industry. The process in programmatic advertising has now been fine tuned to connect publishers, health brands and pharmaceutical companies with consumers in ways that bring real-time solutions for those seeking support for specific health conditions. For the healthcare sector, the advantages of automated marketing should not be ignored.


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