Programmatic in-house (brands) vs. out-of-house (agencies)? Actually, both are needed

Programmatic in-house (brands) vs. out-of-house (agencies)? Actually, both are needed

RTB Insider

Programmatic brand advertising is already producing amazing business results. Billion-dollar brands like American Express are revealing they want to go 100% programmatic, and P&G has announced 75% of its digital ads will be programmatic this year. These top global brands are investing internally (in-house) as well as externally (outhouse, from agencies) with their ad spend. These investments make sense when we think strategically of programmatic as automation, not just a method of media buying.

Agencies have announced big programmatic technology deals and have increased their investing to match their customers’ automation and programmatic media expectations.

Experts in programmatic believe in-house buying by brands plus value-added services from agencies are both needed to realize the huge potential of programmatic.

There are five reasons why it’s a good idea for brands to handle their programmatic efforts both in-house and with agencies. Let’s start from the top. Read more…


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