Programmatic Native: The new solution for publishers

Programmatic Native: The new solution for publishers

The Drum

We live in an age where technology is ubiquitous and businesses can now find their connected audience everywhere; over 75 percent of the UK’s population are expected to have a mobile device by the end of the year, many a tablet, and almost everyone has access to the internet.

The result is increased efficiency in every aspect of our day-to-day lives and a revolution across industries. For example, take ridesharing service Uber which automated the process of booking a taxi resulting in a simple cashless service with lower fares and happier consumers. The Internet has long been changing the way we live and will continue to improve experiences for consumers and processes for businesses.

The advertising sector is no different and is being changed by the Internet to the benefit of consumers and companies alike. The impact of advertising is now becoming truly measurable and, more importantly, the way it targets consumers has transformed. Advertising has come to a point where it is now automated by programmatic technology. Read more…


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