How to Make Creative Scalable

How to Make Creative Scalable

By: Austin Dicharry

When at its best, creative assets enable advertisers to leverage automated advertising that generates and optimizes its assets to promote high-touch engagement, regardless of the strategy or budget. The cost of this can be astronomical and sometimes prohibitive to smaller advertisers. To better understand the performance of particular unit sizes and to identify ways to improve and scale creative assets, it’s best to adopt a programmatic approach to the creative process.

Advertisers need to look beyond common ad units. Most tend to stick with leaderboard, medium rectangle or wide skyscraper. Studies have revealed that diversified campaigns perform better. Comparing CPCs of campaigns using only the most common medium rectangle ad unit revealed that more diversified ad units performed better and at a lower CPC cost. Campaigns using only the medium rectangle unit cost 150 percent more than those using the three common units. Non-traditional display units are the most effective. Incorporating square and full banners have the lowest CPA, CPC and CPM costs. When it comes to scaling creative, diversity, diversity and diversity is the mantra. If you limit the diversity of programmatic advertising and retargeting campaigns, you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

Using engagement ads are another way to scale creative when using programmatic advertising. These ads connect and engage with viewers in the moments that matter and fit in standard display units. This format allows the ads to scale across the web and expand to a larger format after a moment’s hover delay. Engagement ads are tuned to user engagement instead of clicks. It allows for advertisers to bid and pay only for user engagement while delivering accurate reporting. These types of ads bring efficiency to a scalable display campaign.

Engagement ads combine the art of brand building with the science of performance display and are an easy addition to the creative campaign. Connect with users through multiple creative formats and add creative videos or Google catalogs. The standard expandable ads allow a greater scale by fitting into the most popular IAB ad sizes throughout the Internet. Even get the full reporting capabilities of DoubleClick Rich Media and Adwords to measure what matters for your brand. Embed an engagement ad into a YouTube video or shopping experience to grab a potential customer’s attention.

With these scalable strategies, programmatic creative can lower costs, deliver higher engagement rates and better overall campaign performance. Use these strategies to develop a larger variety of creative assets.


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