Using Programmatic as a Form of Disruptive Marketing

Using Programmatic as a Form of Disruptive Marketing

By: Cortland J. Fondon

Disruptive marketing is all about innovating and paying attention to consumers. This way, advertisers can deliver exactly what the market wants. It’s also a business model. A disruptive company has one of two main goals. To redesign its service or product to meet the demand of the emerging market or to reshape an existing one to meet the demand of customers unsatisfied with the present offering. New-market disruption targets customers whose needs have been unserved by existing companies, while low-end disruption targets consumers who don’t need all the bells and whistles as demanded by the high end of the market.

Any company that’s serious about market disruption must be willing to change gears or even re-haul its infrastructure. The first step in launching a disruptive marketing plan requires an internal buy-in from top to bottom. At the same time, the company needs to be committed to changing the brand perception. In order to do this effectively, qualitative research methods should be deployed, such as surveys and interviews. This data mining is used to discover the parameters of a market, profile it and speak to it.

With a new look and message, it’s time for the marketing team to use programmatic in media channels in the market. As the marketing plan unfolds, programmatic advertising can be used to interpret data to determine the effectiveness of the disruptive marketing. Effective media channels include social media platforms like Facebook for automated advertising and retargeting.

Today, top brands are discovering the competitive advantage of not just programmatic advertising buying but using a disruptive approach to customer-centric marketing. It’s known as programmatic marketing and signals the power of technology in empowering the marketer to manage all the media channels that make up the consumer experience.

With programmatic advertising and retargeting, brands who are implementing disruptive marketing can update their campaigns in real-time based on performance analytics. The dynamic optimization and real-time analytics of automated advertising takes disruptive marketing to new levels. Adjust campaigns when big news stories surface and subtract or ad units on the fly based on the user’s online viewing habits.

Simply put, programmatic advertising and disruptive marketing are the perfect marriage.


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