Let’s Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight – Dave Marley

Let’s Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight – Dave Marley

Dave Marley

Dave Marley, the owner and CEO of Marley Drug, a generic drug pharmacy, can speak to the impact of programmatic advertising from his experience as a smaller, self-described “ma and pa” business.

Programmatic Advertising.org: How is programmatic advertising or the growth of marketing automation, data mining and cloud hosting changing the world of marketing?

Dave Marley: Well, our situation is a bit unique. We are a “ma and pa” pharmacy for 8 years all we only marketed to this 5 mile radius of people in walking in our drug store in Winston-Salem, NC.

Now, we are licensed in 22 states but we’re still small. However, I can’t put a newspaper ad and radio ads and print ads in every state in the degree that I did in that old 5-mile radius.

When you can pinpoint the prescribers to your business and the content, programmatic is a much more cost effective tool.

Programmatic Advertising.org: From an advertising perspective, how is programmatic changing your approach to doing business?

Dave Marley: So, if I was going off the New York position, without programmatic, I’d have to go to a print medium. Or, I’d be going to the wide open spaces of b2b marketing within the TVs and the newspapers. We can save an awful lot of money by getting it in front of [our audience] with a much more cost effective vehicle.

Programmatic Advertising.org: Do you think that the advancements in strategic targeted advertising are changing our culture? If so, how?

Dave Marley: I’d say it’s a good thing. If I can get more laser focused, knowing my specific target market and getting [ads] going right at that market, it kinda seems like a no brainer. Where I think the jury is still out, and I have a negative bias against this, is for the consumer. It doesn’t matter whether it be a B2B consumer or a general consumer.

Dave Marley: We have gotten so blind to web based ads. To me, they have to be an exceptional offer or just incredible content to catch someone’s eye. If you can have the ability to know exactly what someone is looking for through data mining to find what they are looking for when they are looking, that’s going to have the best chance of driving my attention or anyone else’s attention.

Programmatic Advertising.org: Hand in hand with programmatic advertising we are noticing an onslaught of wearable technology. From the iWatch to mood changing activity monitors, what do you think of wearable technology in reference to strategically placing ads and gaining information?

Dave Marley: I’ve heard of it.  I’ve seen something about the ink in the newspaper that will send them information about you. It was something in a printed ad that if I touch it, it somehow told them about me. Really wild stuff….! My staff and I we were chuckling at the pixel that we have on our website. Just because you’ve come here, now we’re going to hound you…

Programmatic Advertising.org: What are you looking forward to in the future of digital advertising for you as a consumer, but also as a business owner?

Dave Marley: As an owner, I would like to find a way to where I’m only paying not for the click, but the sale. I want to get down to that level. I don’t think we’re too far away from that.   I say the same thing to the newspaper people. If I pay to put something in your paper, I don’t want to throw money at a wall and hope it sticks. At the end of the day, I’m only going to pay for your advertising if it actually works.

As a business owner, I don’t want my impressions wasted. As a consumer, I don’t want ads thrown at me that I don’t give a damn about.

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