Private Marketplaces, Programmatic Direct Not Just Fads

Private Marketplaces, Programmatic Direct Not Just Fads

MediaPost: RTBlog

The programmatic ad industry’s “flight to quality” may be overstated — at least at this juncture — with GroupM’s cold shoulder to open real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges being the most common, and perhaps overused, example of a “trend” starter. However, it may not be hackneyed to the point of complete loss of significance — as it shouldn’t. The “demise of open RTB” may not be real, but the rise of more controlled programmatic channels certainly is.

Yesterday’s eMarketer projections, estimating programmatic ad spend to account for nearly two-thirds (63%) of all display ad spend by 2016, or over $20 billion, fans the fire.

eMarketer says that RTB auctions will account for 92% of all programmatic ad dollars in 2014, suggesting that the “flight to quality” and perception that RTB is synonymous with second- or third-rate inventory, thus not worthy of any significant ad spend, is just that — a perception. Read more…

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