Choosing the Right Ad Network for You

Choosing the Right Ad Network for You

By: Austin Dicharry

One of the main benefits of programmatic advertising is its automation. While you can still buy ads for a preset price, the vast majority of programmatic ad prices are determined on the spot, sold at auction for the value of the ad spot right at that moment. This means that at the time you buy the ad, you’re paying what it’s worth. Not only that, but automation means that instead of having to manage your ad spots, an automatic system manages them for you, freeing you up to do what you really want.

So if decisions like where the ad displays and what your minute-to-minute marketing decision-making should look like, does it really matter what ad network you use? Aren’t all automated advertising systems the same? Well, not really.

Fill Rate is Important

If you simply take out ad spots unthinkingly, your ads may display to people who don’t care about your product. Instead, do a little research using Analytics and find out where most of your customers or potential audience hail from. Then choose a mobile ad network that has a good fill rate, or ad delivery percentage, in that area. This maximizes the chances that your ads will be successfully displayed to the people who care about them.

Retargeting Ability is Key

This means keeping track of browsing that hasn’t yet resulted in conversion (i.e. a search for “plane flights to Majorca” without an actual ticket bought), and serving that ad back to the customer across devices. If you aren’t a major player with a login ID, you may lose your ability to retarget when consumers switch devices, so instead you’ll have to ride the coattails of a big name.

Google, for instance, offers AdMob, so if you choose that as your ad network you’ll have access to their retargeting capabilities. If you choose not to take that route, the second-best bet is to find a mobile ad network that parses ad data points to try and determine patterns about what advertisements are likeliest to appeal to particular customers.

Ad Type Affects User Experience

Spammy popups that interrupt the intended purpose tends to put the consumer off. Instead, consider mobile ad networks that offer native advertising, which embeds the ad inside the user experience. Think sponsored posts on Facebook: It’s an ad without feeling like an ad, and therefore has a much better chance of retaining the user.

Go Mobile

Mobile ad networks offer you – the ad buyer – various options when it comes to basic use. Perhaps you dig running massive ad campaigns with multiple prongs, in which case you’ll want a mobile ad network that supports a lot of functionality. If instead you wanted one basic ad that worked seamlessly no matter what, you might opt for a simple SDK (software development kit). While your mobile ad network options are almost endless, your choice will largely depend on your goals and how you like to interact with technology.

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