Programmatic must focus on the minority, not the majority

Programmatic must focus on the minority, not the majority

Without a doubt, programmatic advertising is growing at a rapid pace. Per a survey by Infectious Media, 75 percent of marketers plan on increasing their programmatic spending.

However, the 25 percent minority, which might not have been wooed by programmatic’s promise, needs to attract more of the industry’s eyeballs.

The programmatic industry faces longtime foes that it must overcome to continue to incorporate more marketers into the fold — most notably cost structure transparency, ecosystem complexity and ad performance measurement. 

The Infectious Media survey shows that there is an opportunity to reach programmatic skeptics through revising content marketing and communications strategies. All programmatic industry players should educate prospective partners and buyers through success stories and by showing step-by-step how clients can leverage programmatic to build a stronger digital marketing strategy. 


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