Memo to ad tech: Preserve brand building

Memo to ad tech: Preserve brand building

Lori Swartz, Managing Partner at Story Tech, vociferously opposes advertising that employs programmatic campaigns without first paying homage to storytelling.

“Too much automation of remnant inventory and hyper-impression focused campaigns could damage an otherwise sound marketing message. Be careful that you don’t lose the biggest reason you became a marketer: to tell compelling and impactful stories.”

To some, today’s marketing seems to be less about creativity and storytelling and more about overall conversions. Marketers’ hard fought campaigns deserve results, not just bedtime stories.

But in order to achieve hoped for impressions, clicks, conversions and other key metrics of success, brands must build a cohesive understanding of who they are to the consumer. Brand identity and creative must stand-out  — while impressive, web omnipresence might not be enough to drive consumer action if a company is suffering from lackluster positioning.

Memo to ad tech: in this era of increasingly data-driven marketing, remember to preserve brand storytelling.




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