Let’s Talk Programmatic: Interview with James Avery

Let’s Talk Programmatic: Interview with James Avery

jamesJames Avery is the CEO of Adzerk.

How did you, personally first enter the programmatic space? What attracted you to it? 

At Adzerk we long avoided a direct connection to the programmatic space because of our focus on API-driven native advertising, but as we saw native start to go programmatic, we decided it was time for us to integrate into the exchanges. We are more focused on native advertising as a method of automating the current manual direct process rather than providing demand.

What do you wish you knew when you first started developing programmatic ad serving infrastructure?

Because we waited awhile before we started the integration, we had a good understanding of what we needed to build and how to build it. I think the only thing we wish we had known was that OpenRTB 2.3 isn’t as widely supported as we had hoped it would be.

How do you educate your clients on programmatic advertising strategy?

We have a very hands-on account management team who has been working personally with our clients to make sure they know about the new offerings we have when it comes to programmatic. We are even taking an active role with some of our customers to make sure they are properly configuring and getting the most out of this integration.

Do you have any tips for programmatic in B2B environments?

I believe if you have a site with compelling B2B traffic that the open marketplace isn’t going to properly value your inventory. I would highly encourage you to strike direct deals that are cleared through a private marketplace. B2B can often be lower levels of traffic, but that traffic is worth much more than your average traffic on the exchanges. When your impression goes out to the exchange, it most likely won’t get valued properly unless that person has already been identified and cookied  in your vertical.

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