TV Viewability Metrics Breakthrough

TV Viewability Metrics Breakthrough

Reports have emerged of a new viewability technology enabling unprecedented attribution modeling for traditional linear television.

For years, digital has been thought to be the superior format for viewability issues – until now.

Sources cite an unnamed start-up operating in stealth mode which will provide cross-device matching to authenticate viewable impressions on traditional television via mobile.

Says the firm’s Chief Technologist:
“We have developed a proprietary technology to determine whether you are on the couch in front of the TV.  Then through our engagement algorithm, we glean insights from smartphone usage levels and gyro data to determine whether you are watching the TV set or have the phone put down.  By matching viewing time, with advertising and content run times, we are able to solve for viewability. Groundbreaking technology makes this possible. Namely, device matching and GPS triangulation, along with overlayed CAD house drawings through Earth Mapping API.  Through another proprietary algorithm, we can GPS locate the user to the room most likely to have the TV in it.  For example 60% of homes position the TV in the largest westernmost room.”

The idea of matching couch potatoes to content has long been a dream of television content providers; now it becomes a reality.

Full DMP API SDK will exit stealth mode in Q216.


*This article is satire

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