Programmatic schmo-grammatic – it’s all starting to look the same

Programmatic schmo-grammatic – it’s all starting to look the same

AlocrMgeAsten Morgan Jr., an IAB certified digital media sales professional and seasoned veteran of the digital advertising industry, has an abundance of insight on the evolution of programmatic.

Beginning with Starz Entertainment and BET, he has built a prolific career in digital media sales — securing positions ranging from director of national sales and publisher for VIBE, all the way to senior director of advertising for DeviantArt, Inc.

Asten Morgan on programmatic branding:

In mobile, everyone is basically pulling from the same group of inventory. If I am DSP-A and DSP-B, the only difference between me and the next guy is the technology.

Yes, all providers have their nuances that make them different, but at the end of the day, Media Mary’s eyes are rolling to the back of her head with boredom after hearing pitch after pitch.

She’s thinking, “Oh my God, this is all the same crap I just heard! You all sound alike…”

I thought this was just an issue that media agencies had, but I quickly learned otherwise. When I started interviewing with DSPs, mobile networks and all of these other programmatic players I realized that as an industry, we are all saying pretty much the same thing.

If I am a mobile DSP selling programmatic and you’re the agency person, my pitch is not much different than what you heard from the last programmatic vendor you encountered.

Data. Data. Data. Tech. Tech. Tech.

When it comes to gaining new business you run into the issue of – if you’re all the same, why should I change companies? I know the evil (or good) that I have, and you can’t do anything differently.

With mobile there are many attributing click-through rates to accidental clicks.  If I’m Media Mary seeing that I’m getting .5, .7 and 1 CTRs, I’ll say I’m getting outstanding performance with my current mobile partners.

Are you really going to be that much better? Why should I switch?

Programmatic players offer differentiation that is so minute, you would have to be a data scientist to understand it.

I’m tired of everything programmatic walking, talking and sounding the same. Aren’t you?

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