The Slant – Programmatic Q&A with Essence’s Oscar Garza

Oscar Garza, Director of Programmatic and Audience at Essence shares his programmatic expertise

PA.O: What do you wish you knew about programmatic before you began?

Oscar Garza: When we build advertising around technology, and technology is quickly shifting based on cookies, there are a lot of unknowns. I would say I realized that programmatic is harder than you think it is, as something always needs improving.

I advise that you always question accuracy, reporting and measurement. Be diligent in your investigation of what the tech actually does, versus what you think it does. Understand and set expectations for technology.

PA.O: Which should come first for advertisers learning, programmatic – open exchanges or the private marketplace (PMP)?

Oscar Garza: I advise first mastering the open exchange and then pushing to PMP. Utilize the open exchange for prospecting and learning who your audience is. Then, use that audience adjacency moving forward. There is a lot of good inventory in the open exchange, but finding it is the difficulty. Pick a vendor to make sure you aren’t getting fraudulent traffic.


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