Let’s Talk Programmatic: Interview with Collective’s Eoin Townsend

Let’s Talk Programmatic: Interview with Collective’s Eoin Townsend

EoinEoin Townsend is the Chief Product Officer for Collective

PA.O: How do you make sure that clients understand the value of your services, outside of the itemized transactional and vendor costs? 

E. Townsend: The cost of fragmented reporting and data is the driver of the strategic value of our solution. The average marketer and/or agency can use 7 to 25 different tools for campaign management and integrating data, and reporting is a key pain point. The costs of managing all the disparate platforms can reach as high as six figures. The value of our solution goes beyond alleviating this cost – our goal is to make every format and impression as effective as possible. Clients are struggling to truly understand the difference between platforms, and our technology and services are designed to help get the most out of every dollar spent on digital media – either direct or RTB. It is the combination of our technology and best practices that help our clients see the complete value of their partners, and in turn, the value of our solution.

PA.O: One of the biggest barriers facing marketers is a lack of knowledge on programmatic strategy. How should our industry prepare marketers for successfully managing campaigns? What are some crucial skills needed for campaign managers?

E. Townsend: The two most important goals are education and simplicity and/or transparency. First and foremost, we need to be partners to our clients and willing to share information that helps them understand the programmatic landscape.

Our second goal is to be completely transparent and simplify something that we helped make so complex. As a campaign manager, the most critical skills include being detailed, a technical expert, and both an analytical and creative thinker. A key ingredient to any successful campaign is the creativity that links the best of breed technology and innovation.

PA.O: What is on the horizon for video advertising?

E.Townsend: We are living in a world where video is becoming a key part of any programmatic strategy. We’re seeing video start to merge to be an all-encompassing solution, including the TV experience. Video will become integrated, interactive and trackable and/or automated.

PA.O: How does human creativity fit into multichannel programmatic strategy?

E. Townsend: We believe the human aspect of marketing is key in programmatic media. No algorithm or single system can ever replace  the creativity of people. Programmatic is another tool that will succeed or fail based on the skill and creativity of an individual person.


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