The Slant – Programmatic Q&A with Grapeshot’s Kevin McElroy and Sara Faura

Kevin McElroy and Sara Faura share their programmatic views

PA.O: What do you wish you knew about programmatic strategy and execution before you started?

Grapeshot: How absolutely essential data providers are to help deliver performance and qualify traffic

PA.O: What vendors and/or partners does an agency need to venture into programmatic, from beginning to end?

Grapeshot: Without naming specific companies, agencies typically need to leverage vendors that specialize in contextual targeting, audience targeting, brand safety, fraud protection and viewability data.

PA.O: How do you structure a programmatic team? What roles need to be filled?

Grapeshot: The ideal teams would be client services, account managers and analysts.

PA.O: What are programmatic strategy and/or execution best practices for ad ops, creative and analytics teams?

Grapeshot: You should frequently post campaign reviews across the different departments to learn new strategies for future campaigns. Your teams also need constant training.

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