Let’s Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight

Let’s Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight

Are you an experienced programmatic pundit with insights, opinions, and best practices to share with fellow marketers?

We would love to interview you for our Let’s Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight series.

Whether you are a C-suite executive, manager, or rising entrepreneur, your  knowledge is invaluable for today’s marketers seeking to understand the rapidly changing tides of the programmatic industry.

If you are interested in being interviewed, please submit the following to editor@programmaticadvertising.org:

  • Short bio of 50-100 words
  • Company website
  • LinkedIn page
  • Twitter handle (if available)

Please contact us for audience information.


What do you look for in an interviewee?

We look for thought-leaders and  marketing experts with a robust experience in any element of the programmatic ecosystem, i.e. DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, ad exchanges, trading desks, digital media agencies, data aggregators. All interviewees must be capable of sharing useful advice with fellow marketers seeking to further themselves in programmatic strategy, management, buying, selling, analytics or creative.

How long is the interview? 

The interview generally consists to 30 minutes of phone casino online conversation or email correspondents. If you are short on time, we can be flexible.

What questions should I expect?

Our questions mainly deal with the industry outlook, new developments, and best practices. They are customized based on your particular expertise in the programmatic industry. Please review our past interviews for reference. After you have submitted the necessary background information and been scheduled for an interview, we are more than happy to send you a list of questions ahead of time.

Will I get a chance to review the interview before it posts?

Yes. We send a draft for your review before publishing. All interviewees are given a chance to make edits before we publish.

When will my article publish?

The time frame generally ranges from 1 week to 1 month. This all depends on how many rounds of edits are required, your responsiveness to emails, our current workload, etc. If you are trying to have your article published by a particular deadline, indicate this ahead of time.

Can I republish this interview?

You are free to republish the interview as long as you state that it was originally published on Programmatic Advertising.org.


If you have any further questions, reach out to us: editor@programmaticadvertising.org.


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