Should every advertiser be a programmatic advertiser?

Should every advertiser be a programmatic advertiser?

By Danielle Manley

One of the major questions surrounding programmatic advertising is how to incorporate it into your agency. Do you create a separate team? Do you incorporate programmatic into your existing team? How do you train employees for the future that is programmatic?

John Merris, vice president of programmatic advertising at MultiView, offers his advice for incorporating programmatic, including his belief that programmatic should be used “as a tool, not a stand-alone method.”

Don’t create a new team – incorporate your existing team

Many agencies believe that creating a team devoted entirely to programmatic is the best way to leap into the future of advertising. However, Merris disagrees.

“Programmatic is the direction the industry is going. I would suggest that every organization invest in their existing digital teams to make sure they are trained and proficient in programmatic advertising strategies,” said Merris.

Unlike traditional advertising where there are teams devoted to different platforms, programmatic advertising encompasses many different platforms all at once. Therefore, programmatic should be incorporated into all parts of your advertising teams.

Starcom, a media agency, is a great example of this strategy. Instead of creating a whole new team, they spent almost two years retraining their entire staff of 1,200. This training not only allowed Starcom to advance into the future of advertising, it empowered the company’s employees – a win-win.

Changes to the traditional ad team

Differences between traditional and programmatic advertising are abundant. However, in regards to your advertising team, there are a few strong differences that you should be aware of before incorporating programmatic.

Previously, there were teams devoted to specific platforms, like “head of national broadcast” or “head of print,” according to an article on Digiday. However, with programmatic, it makes more sense to have teams devoted to specific clients since programmatic will incorporate many platforms.

Your agency’s sales people will also change; they will no longer be “just the salesman.” Instead, they are going to be advisers to nbso online casino reviews clients, helping them create the highest value campaign. The change to programmatic will also force agencies to change their compensation models to “ensure sales people are compensated on growing relationships rather than selling through one channel or another,” according to IAB, a global nonprofit group open to companies actively engaged in the sale of interactive advertising and marketing.

Creating a team devoted to programmatic is not the way to bring programmatic to your agency. It’s time to start retraining your team to incorporate programmatic into all areas of your agency. Do this, and you will create a high-quality team that ensures future success in programmatic advertising.

headshotDanielle Manley is an assistant executive editor at MultiView. Danielle graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in English with a focus in technical writing. At Multiview, Danielle became a part of the company’s original content team, contributing content based on a variety of industries. Besides her career, Danielle has a family with three children and enjoys the quiet life of living on a farm.


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