The Slant – Programmatic Q&A with Grapeshot’s Head of Publishers & Independent Agencies in the UK, Laura Stokes

Head of Publishers & Independent Agencies in the UK, Laura Stokes shares her programmatic best practices

PA.O: What are programmatic strategy and/or execution best practices for ad ops, creative and analytics teams?

Laura Stokes: With ad ops, there is the risk of falling in to a monotonous cycle of trafficking, QA, optimizing and reporting based on routine and the sheer volume of campaigns necessary to manage.  Therefore, it is really critical to look at the data and understand the messages that the reporting is telling you in alignment with campaign objectives.

As an Ad Ops person you have a big picture view of the entire trading ecosystem, you understand the basics of inventory management, proposal building, campaign QA and delivery, yield management, troubleshooting, optimization and account management. Don’t let the commercial team treat you as back office. You are not back office; you are in control!

Build up a strong partnership with your technology provider, be it your SSP, DSP, DMP. Really immerse yourself in their tech, go to their lunch-and-learns or their fundamentals training and forums.

Give them your ideas/feedback/opinions on their tech stack. The more solid a partnership you can form, the more you will reap the reward by becoming a preferred partner, someone they recommend, someone they look to for support with future events or even someone they can develop a new product with.

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