The Slant – Programmatic Q&A with NetSeer’s CEO, John Mracek

NetSeer recently launched an in-image advertising partnership with Corbis, giving advertisers the ability to use programmatic means to target prospects with in-image ads. NetSeer’s CEO, John Mracek, discusses in-image advertising’s impact on B2B marketers.

PA.O: How will this partnership impact the B2B marketing industry?

John Mracek: This partnership provides the B2B marketing industry with a premium media offering to reach their customers and prospects. In-image ads are more viewable, have higher engagement and create positive brand associations. The result is a very effective medium for B2B marketers to have their messages seen by the right audience in the right context.

PA.O: What steps are being taken to evaluate the context of images in a way that ensures brand safety?

John Mracek: On any given Web page, the signals that indicate brand safety are more strongly represented by the text and surrounding content on that page than what the image conveys itself. For instance, an article on a woman’s health site about proper breastfeeding techniques is completely brand safe for the advertiser seeking to reach new moms. An attempt to judge the article purely based on that picture with today’s crude image recognition techniques could easily result in the page being deemed not brand safe. Conversely, an article that shows a picture of a young boy would in itself be brand safe, yet if that picture was on an article about that boy being killed by a drunk driver, then it would be completely not brand safe. NetSeer’s ability to look at the entirety of the content of the page is by far the most accurate way to determine brand safety of an ad placement.

PA.O: In comparing online ads to traditional display ad formats (skyscraper, banner, etc.) – which has better engagement?

John Mracek: We’ve all heard about banner blindness and the fact that users have learned to tune out certain parts of Web pages. What they haven’t been trained to do, nor will they, is learn to ignore banners on images. The Web becomes more visual every day, and the photos on a Web page are part of the core content and most visible and most viewed part of the page. The result is higher real viewability and better engagement.

PA.O: How is the inventory being sold – through programmatic open exchange, ad exchange or private marketplace?

John Mracek: The inventory is available across multiple channels including directly sold, open exchange, private marketplaces and numerous other demand channels. By doing so, NetSeer ensures that the publisher gets the maximum possible RPM for this valuable, in-image inventory.

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