Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Allie Gray Freeland

Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Allie Gray Freeland

allie freelandAllie Freeland, the PR director of iAcquire and ClearVoice, has a head for creating faster, better and smarter content through using social media listening, measurement tools and setting clear KPIs. We were intrigued by how she improves content through melding creative and big data, and hope that other marketers can learn to do the same.

PA.O: In your opinion, how is programmatic advertising – the growing prevalence of marketing automation and data mining – changing the world?

Allie Freeland: Data affects how we market to consumers. Marketers are able to hyper-target consumers because they have keen insight into demographic and psychographic behavior, content consumption and buying habits.

From an operational standpoint the cloud, to me, has encouraged better communication within an organization. Cloud services enable people to connect and collaborate in real time from around the nation and even the country. It has optimized the way we communicate and has made us become hyper-connected, which creates better business efficiency.

PA.O: What systems and ways of thinking do you think are being completely disrupted by the emergence of programmatic buying? What about by digital advertising in general?

Allie Freeland: “Spray and pray” marketing is phasing out. We once mass marketed, hoping that our marketing efforts would generate leads or sales, but now we are able to track the success of most forms of marketing.

PA.O: How is this affecting our culture? And is this for better or worse?

Allie Freeland: I think the fact that consumers are becoming more educated is definitely affecting the purchase process. We can Google something and find whatever we need in a hurry.

As marketers we want to be at every digital touch point that we can. Because we have more information and better technology, we are able to really get to the core of where finding out where our consumers are.

PA.O: We’ve often heard it said that “man is only limited by his imagination” – what are your biggest hopes for digital advertising?

Allie Freeland: My hope is that people are able to use big data – even if just starting with Google Analytics – to do strong social listening and measuring. Marketers need to get to the core of what content is performing well for their brand and what isn’t.

Often times, people say, I don’t know what to write about.

Using social listening and measurement fixes this problem. We have so much information and knowledge at our fingertips because of these analysis tools. They are invaluable for helping us get a pulse on what topics are performing well and resonating with our audiences.

PA.O: How have you used data to empower your creative processes?

Allie Freeland: We have a new platform called ClearVoice.com that helps us manage our content. We are in house content producers for these two brands, ClearVoice and iAcquire. Most recently, we have looked at using a weekly KPI performance indicator content report that shows us the social media and Google Analytics data on how our content is performing.

This is how we use it. We make a list of the top 10 best performing pieces of content and from there, we are able to iterate different types of content based on that listing.

Let’s say we have a listicle type article, highlighting the top 5 content marketing trends of 2015 that is at the top of our report. We would glean some insights from the performance of this article – maybe list type posts do well on our website? We will spend a lot of time re-reading that article.

Long answer short, we create content strategies and ideas based online casino on what we see what is performing well. The creative process comes into play in several ways: how we pick apart content to determine what worked and what didn’t, and how we iterate content that can replicate, or build upon that success.

PA.O: Thanks for sharing that! What’s your favorite KPI for content creation?

Allie Freeland: My favorite KPI for evaluating content performance is however the company determines a qualified lead. For our case, signing up for a newsletter would make someone a qualified lead.  The more people that downloaded the newsletter, the better our content is doing. This is probably the most emblematic way to showcase our KPIs.

Time spent on page is also important. If someone spent 2 seconds, maybe the title was enticing, but the content wasn’t.

So, with ClearVoice we are able to track the performance of the actual content contributor on our client’s website or content team. The measurements include production rate, on time percentages and revision turnaround. In order to have great content on the front end, you need to have a well-oiled machine on the back end.

PA.O: Do you have a specific favorite ad that you’ve seen online?

Allie Freeland: I loved the Budweiser campaign for drunk driving.  I am a huge dog fan, and I have two dogs myself.

The reason why I like the ad is that the content forms such a strong emotional connection and story. The advertiser was able to create a connection with people who aren’t even fanatical about the brand because of the emotional impact of the content.

PA.O: Video is a very powerful advertising tool, and I’m sure this ad is being served to dog lovers like you all over the Internet via programmatic!

Allie Freeland: I also think that GoPro has done an awesome job in the consumer journey process. They do a really great job of not only creating interesting content, but demonstrating the actual product through their content. For instance, they have the GoPro baby lion video, where through the camera’s own lenses applied to a wildlife situation, they demonstrate how rugged the product is.

Would you like to learn more about Allie? Drop her a line on Twitter @AllieGrayFree or connect on LinkedIn.


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