Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Shanda Henley

Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Shanda Henley

Shanda HenleyAs a copy editor and writer, Shanda Henley is passionate about making sure that at the end of the day, your story has been told.

Henley brings a calming mix of warmth and wit to her conversations despite how busy she may be working for Covenant Church, The Creative Group and the Impact Group.

She has a strong desire to earnestly communicate with clients from all walks of life and create stories, via her writing, that enables them to have their voices heard.

PA.O: Shanda, if you had just one thing to say to online advertisers, what would it be?

Shanda Henley:  Be strategic in the positioning of ads on webpages. I feel that as a reader, sometimes it comes across as obtrusive and you end up losing the page from the frustration of not being able to read the full article because the banners are literally all over the place.

So, I don’t know how placement is necessarily done, but, the bigger the ad, the more likely you are to click on it – however, sometimes this is an accident.

PA.O: How do you feel programmatic advertising is changing the world of marketing as a whole?

Shanda Henley:  I believe that it allows advertisers to gain more insight into potential customers and behaviors. But as far as the cons, depending on what is being advertised, programmatic has a potential to be exceedingly intrusive and annoying.

PA.O: Have you noted any interesting trends in how people are communicating through advertising online?

Shanda Henley: Yes, there are quite a few trends. Content curation is quite big as well as the usage of infographics.

PA.O: How is digital advertising changing our culture?

Shanda Henley: I do believe that digital advertising is changing our culture. Oftentimes, we end up purchasing items that we may have not even thought of because of all of the advances within the digital-marketing world. But, there is potential for not being financially responsible with purchases, with your whole lifestyle, as you are encouraged to keep up with the latest and greatest.

PA.O: Let’s say you are talking to the next generation of marketers, what would you want to say?

Shanda Henley: You just need to be transparent. Don’t try to convey a message under false pretenses, which I know is a kind of oxymoron with advertising. But I feel as if the industry really needs more transparency. I would like to see advertisers talk more with the audience, not at them.

You have to do extensive research to understand where they are coming from.

PA.O: Any favorite advertising campaigns?

Shanda Henley: One that comes to mind I saw a few weeks ago. The storyline behind the campaign was that women oftentimes say “I’m sorry” when they shouldn’t be expressing that. For example, it shows different clips of females walking past someone, saying sorry in some situations. The female is always the one saying I’m sorry, even though she is not necessarily in the position to admit fault or anything. It was talking about women empowerment and standing up for yourself.

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