The Slant – Programmatic Q&A with MultiView Data Expert, Carl Robitaille

Carl Robitaille, MultiView’s senior manager of programmatic strategy and performance, lives and breathes B2B data-driven advertising. On a daily basis he helps clients and their dedicated account managers excel in targeting buyers.

This interview was originally featured on MBlogs.

PA.O: Have you noted a difference in programmatic strategy methodologies for B2B vs. B2C?

Carl Robitaille: B2C is much more cut and dry compared to B2B. For instance, if you are looking for a pair of sneakers, you can conduct a simple keyword search and be targeted with a relevant ad for it. Relatively speaking, it is pretty easy for that advertiser to recognize you as a buyer. B2B is a bit more complicated. In B2B we are consistently looking to create opportunities for finding audiences because the causal keyword relationship is not always as clear. Programmatic advertising is a tremendous help for businesses that would traditionally have had a harder time getting in front of their customers. In the past, B2B was limited to trade shows, events, website content, direct mailings, etc. It was hard to scale without wasting a lot of money and time. With B2B programmatic, you can maximize the impact of your investment.

PA.O: What are the biggest growth areas for B2B in the programmatic space?

Carl Robitaille: Data onboarding for first-party information is a huge growth area for B2B. With email you can capture device IDs and profiles – serving impressions and ads based on that information to improve campaign placements and messaging moving forward.

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