Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Mahsa Joyce

Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Mahsa Joyce

Mahsa JoyceMahsa Joyce of ListenMR is a marketing specialist at Lineman’s Testing Laboratories by day and a talented blogger by night.

She’s enthused by the opportunity to use her copy writing, public relations and event coordination skills for both work and play – growing Lineman’s niche utilities business and interviewing female change makers for her blog, ListenMR.

Mahsa and her sister, Rashel, are social media mavens who saw an opportunity to create a blog focused on inspiration for fellow female entrepreneurs and career builders. Hence, the rise of ListenMR, which is aptly named after the sisters.

After viewing Mahsa’s insights on Twitter, we thought you would appreciate her thoughts on digital advertising.

PA.O: How did you get your start as a blogger?

Mahsa Joyce: My sister (Rachel) and I work in marketing and love to write and be active on social media. We realized we weren’t seeing enough out there that was dedicated to women’s careers and female entrepreneurs, so our decision to create ListenMR.com came naturally as a way for us to share our thoughts on work, play and spirit. Plus, we’ve been able to meet some amazing and talented women who have triumphant stories of success to share with the world – so that’s always a bonus.

PA.O: What inspires your content?

Mahsa Joyce: We mostly write about things that we find interesting and inspiring and hope others find it helpful as well. For example, I was browsing through Google for a home cleaning service in Toronto recently, and I discovered a young female entrepreneur (Melissa Maker of Clean My Space) who had started her own cleaning company. I immediately emailed her to pick her brain and see what drove her to start her own business.

PA.O:  How do you use Google Analytics to determine what types of content you need to be producing?

Mahsa Joyce: We look at which posts had the most traffic, the lowest bounce rate and what subsequent pages were visited before and after a certain post. We also like to see what our key referral sites are.

PA.O:  How do you gauge “response” and “engagement?”

Mahsa Joyce: We try to look at what gets people’s emotions engaged by how passionate their responses are. I remember putting up a blog post and a related Facebook post a while ago, asking if I should cut my hair and if successful women have shorter hair. People’s responses were ignited with so much passion, and we received a lot of comments from it. So, the more people feel the need to actually engage, rather than passively read your writing, the more you know you’ve put up some good content.

PA.O: In your opinion, how is programmatic advertising – the growing prevalence of marketing automation, data mining and the cloud – changing the world of marketing?

Mahsa Joyce: It’s making it easier for marketers to send out more messages and target an exact demographic and customer. It also makes it easier for customers to get exactly what they’re looking for – and more of it.

PA.O: What systems and ways of thinking do you think are being completely disrupted by the emergence of programmatic buying?

Mahsa Joyce: The current system where you put your ad on a certain channel – whether it’s radio, print, Web, etc. – and hope to target and reach a large demographic is beginning to look like an “old school” way of doing things.  With programmatic it’s almost like you are delivering the message straight to your customer’s doorstep.

PA.O:  In your opinion, what is a huge, unmet need and/or burgeoning opportunity in marketing?

Mahsa Joyce: I think an opportunity exists for companies to be more transparent with their community and customers. In the age of less privacy and more targeted marketing, there is an opportunity for some companies to say, “Hey, we noticed you looked at item X, and we think you’d like Y too!” That would make me, as the customer, feel better about how my information is being shared, as well as show me how the company is using marketing tactics to “target” my interests.

PA.O: Let’s play devil’s advocate – what are some of your concerns about the future of marketing?

Mahsa Joyce: Privacy, privacy, privacy. As marketers and ad people, we must always remember to be ethical in our work and to know where to draw the line between good marketing and a plain invasion of privacy. I think consumers are smart enough to know the difference, but we are the ones constantly pushing boundaries, and we shouldn’t forget there are limits to everything.

Would you like to learn more about Mahsa and ListenMR? Visit her website or follow ListenMR on Twitter @ListenMR.

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