Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Christine Chen

Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Christine Chen

Christine ChenChristine Chen is a marketing communications specialist with serious people skills.

She started her career as an IT recruiter for Jobspring, succeeding in placing contented open-source professionals all over the Philadelphia area. Now, she works with a team at Managing Editor Inc. to not only recruit top talent, but participate in all aspects of the company’s marketing initiatives, including branding, inbound/outbound lead generation and social media marketing. We wanted to hear what Christine had to say about programmatic after seeing her comments on #AdweekChat, and she took a few moments to share her thoughts with us:

PA.O: In your opinion, how is programmatic advertising changing the world?

Christine Chen: I believe that programmatic allows marketers to better organize their data and produce targeted marketing campaigns. We are living in the generation where we want solutions, services or materials immediately. The emergence of programmatic buying satisfies that need.

PA.O: So, what are your thoughts on how this is changing our culture?

Christine Chen: I’m not sure if it is for better or for worse, but [we are] trained to receive immediately after we ask. We are trained to be impatient – sometimes missing the importance of learning how to wait.

PA.O: What are some significant trends you’ve noted in today’s advertising? Does it align with your own opinion of what’s the most effective?

Christine Chen: Today’s advertising is all about personalization, relevant content and consistent engagement. I believe that all three trends are necessary in order to gain the highest return of success.

PA.O: Have any particular campaigns caught your eye in the past year?

Christine Chen: What really stood out to me over the past couple of years has been the change in tone and language for fast-food restaurant advertising. [This] generation cares more about health and fitness and fast-food restaurants are tailoring [their] messaging to satisfy it. Consumers always rule, and it is [the industry’s] job is to keep up with the trends and advertise accordingly.

PA.O: Wearable tech is big this year – do you have any favorite gear?

Christine Chen: My favorite so far is Apple’s iWatch. I’ve seen other tech watches designed last year, but this one is the most appealing to me – probably because I’m a huge Apple fan!

PA.O: What excites you about the future of digital advertising? What are you looking forward to?

Christine Chen: I’m really interested to see how digital advertising will change. Right now content marketing is hot, but will it change to be even more visually stimulating? The world is moving fast, and I’m interested to see how that will play out.

PA.O: Speaking of creative and visual stimulation, how do you think data can benefit creative in the programmatic space?

Christine Chen: Data will always be the key to letting communications or creative professionals understand who their audiences are and what [matters to them]. Data can help [creatives] generate the type of content [they need] to continue producing effective materials. Without data, creatives would have no direction.

Want to learn more about Christine? Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter @christine_chen6.

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