Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Daniel Bayless

Let’s talk programmatic: Marketer spotlight – Daniel Bayless

daniel bDaniel Bayless is a social media and Internet marketing strategist at the Orion Group LLC, a Web design, Internet marketing and graphic design business based in Milwaukee.  Bayless is intrigued by the thought of programmatic bettering sales. He is also highly interested in anything dealing with social media and digital crossing into home infrastructure.

PA.O: What systems and ways of thinking are being completely disrupted by the emergence of programmatic buying? By digital advertising in general?

Daniel Bayless: I think the whole system of “selling” itself is being disrupted by programmatic buying’s emergence. Selling is not about cold calling or hard selling to people anymore, it’s about interaction and reputation. It’s about being real and being the best in the industry through relevant, helpful content and people.

PA.O: In your opinion, how is programmatic advertising – the growing prevalence of marketing automation, data mining and the cloud – changing the world?

Daniel Bayless: Programmatic, data mining and the cloud are helping our world to do more interactive inbound marketing. They are continuously changing our world by making it easier for marketers to target audiences with better messaging. It was much harder back in the day [when we only had] in-person studies on human behavior, case studies done on groups of focus groups, and surveys. Now, everything is accessible online.

PA.O: In your opinion, what are some significant trends in today’s advertising philosophy?

Daniel Bayless: With the emergence of social media, everyone becomes a brand ambassador. People follow people. Nearly all of the big brands use people to brand their own brand. Using famous or well-known people for advertising is a trendy tactic.

PA.O: Does it align with your own opinion of what’s the most effective?

Daniel Bayless: Yes, it does. I think great product and real people win in the end. Anyone can now “sell” through social media, interaction and reputation.

PA.O: What excites you about the future of digital advertising? What are you looking forward to?

Daniel Bayless: I love that social media and inbound marketing are starting to become so important. Social and inbound are beating out other means of sales and marketing.

I also look forward to the evolution of digital advertising into more interactive means of advertising. Social might even integrate into our tactile lives with smart houses.

PA.O: Let’s play devil’s advocate. What are some of your concerns about the future of digital advertising? What keeps you up at night?

Daniel Bayless: My concern is our obsession with being online all of the time. People become addicted to it and forget about the people around them. I know people can get way into social and not get out in real life pretty easily.

PA.O: We’re looking at the cover of Advertising Age 50 years from now, what would the headline would be? What do you think the ad industry might be like? Our consumer culture?

Daniel Bayless: “Smart Homes – Is this the future?”

This seems to be a very likely situation with our technology. Advertising, therefore, will have to become even more personalized than ever before. But I think that the house will be so technologically smart and know the individuals living in it, this personalized advertising will be easy to do.

PA.O: How can data benefit creative in the programmatic space?

Daniel Bayless: Data allows you to update your messaging to evolve with the way people change in mindset, wants and needs. Programmatic also allows you to be very creative within the niche of what people like and want. Being creative is key and data pushes you toward more effective creativity.

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