The Slant – Programmatic Q&A with DataXu’s Co-Founder, Sandro Catanzaro

Sandro Catanzaro, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President of Analytics and Innovation at DataXu shares his programmatic views

PAO: As brand marketers continue to entrench themselves even further and deeper into programmatic media buying and processes, what can our industry expect in 2016? 

Sandro Catanzaro: One area where we can anticipate increasing traction is the area of programmatic and addressable television.  For years, the advancements in data-driven, digital advertising in display and online video, have developed a toolkit that is now being applied to TV.  The promise of more efficient and effective, highly-targeted advertising is now being applied, benefitting advertisers and TV content creators and distributors alike. Advertisers benefit from lower “in target” CPMs by avoiding spill over, and from outcomes-based measurement. TV content creators and distributors benefit from better monetization as every impression is “in target” and an outcomes based measurement drives risk out and thus enable larger advertising investments. Programmatic TV is becoming a reality, and 2016 is the year in which it reaches massive scale.


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