MultiView releases new ebook: Audience Targeting Techniques for B2B Marketers

MultiView releases new ebook: Audience Targeting Techniques for B2B Marketers

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B2B marketers learn key methodologies for targeting their specific audiences online with MultiView’s authoritative guide: Audience Targeting Techniques for B2B Marketers.

This guide focuses on teaching B2B marketers how to advertise to the audiences that matter the most with online targeted marketing techniques.

According to Google’s Changing Face of B2B Marketing, many B2B marketers operate under the myth that B2B marketing should only target the highest-level executives. In reality, the decision-making ecosystem has dramatically changed.  81% of non-C suite workers now have a say in purchase decisions.

“B2B marketers need to understand that it’s not just about targeting a specific buyer, online. The B2B decision making process is a journey that involves not just one audience, but many. Company influencers and end users actually weigh in on the purchase decision,” says Todd Ebert, MultiView’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Audience Targeting Techniques for B2B Marketers shows marketers how to navigate today’s changing world of digital advertising through understanding online B2B audiences and driving marketing results with targeted marketing techniques.

The ebook contains:

  • Hands-on worksheets for understanding and creating campaign-ready B2B buyer personas.
  • Detailed charts and graphics explaining how specific audience targeting techniques drive marketing results
  • An introduction to 5 different targeting techniques with corresponding campaign success metrics and examples of their application

With MultiView’s new ebook, B2B marketers finally have a comprehensive guide for understanding and applying best practices in reaching targeted audiences online and achieving marketing objectives for their businesses.

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